Widow Timer and Relay Contactor

Black Widow

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The Widow Timer and Relay Contactor is one of the best grow room light contactors available with a built in timer.

  • Professional agricultural grade relay contactors
  • Available in different gang sizes
  • Minimal heat sync

These powerful grow room relay contactors are made from premium componenets and assembled in the UK meaning they are reliable and have been trusted in the agricultural ad horticultural industry for years.

The widow timer and relay contactor allows you to efficiently and reliably control your grow room lighting system. This indoor growing relay contactor features rubberised moulded plugs as well as switchable sockets and hanging brackets for ease of installment anywhere in your indoor growing room. Please note that the 2 way and 4 way options are safe to use up to 1000W per socket but the 6 way and 8 way contactor switch options are only for use up to 600W per socket. Please take this into consideration when buying your contactor switches for your grow room.

Sizes Available: 2 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 8 Way

Contactor Size

Voltage Frequency UK Plug
2 Way 2x 250W - 1000W 50hz 1x 13A
4 Way 4x 250W - 1000W 50hz 2x 13A
6 Way 6x 250W - 600W 50hz 2x 13A
8 Way 8x 250W - 600W 50hz 3x 13A


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