Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan

Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan


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The Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan are designed to move a large amount of air in a short space of time.
  • Minimum noise levels
  • Extracts air efficiently
  • Built in fan speed controller

The Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan is a top range extraction fan which is designed to quickly and efficiently remove air from your grow room. The acoustic foam lined chamber of this fan means the sound from the powerful internal fan is minimised without compromising on performance.

Each Vortex Silenced Acoustic fan comes with a built in fan speed controller so you can easily manage the air flow with the turn of a dial and there is no need to buy an external one. 

The Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan is available in 4 sizes to suit your grow room extraction system. 

  6in (150mm) 8in (200mm) 10in (250mm 12.5in (315mm)
Volts 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V
Frequency 50/60hz 50/60hz 50/60hz 50/60hz
Current 0.71/0.65A 1.62/1.2A 1.71/1.7A 1.62/1.2A
Input Power 78/65W 172/130W 200/200W 417/350W
Speed 3350rpm 3300rpm 3350rpm 3350rpm
Noise 42db 44db 46db 47db
Volume 619m3/h 1380m3/h 2560m3/h 3500m3/h
Size (LxWxD) 64 x 25 x 25cm 64 x 31 x 31cm 64 x 36 x 36cm 72 x 42 x 42cm
Price £254.95 £284.95 £344.95 £424.95


Get the Vortex Silenced Acoustic Fan today and get the most from your extraction system.

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