Vortex Premium Carbon Filter

Vortex Premium Carbon Filter


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Vortex Premium Carbon Filters are a lightweight and top quality carbon filter for extraction in your grow room.
  • Lightweight
  • 2 year lifespan
  • Aluminium casing

The Vortex Premium Carbon Filter uses RC412 - the purest, highest quality Australian virgin activated carbon. These lightweight carbon filters provide outstanding performance but avaerge only half the weight of other carbon filters available. 

Made with a refined aluminium casing the Vortex Premium Carbon Filter is reliable and efficient and comes with a 2 year lifespan. Available in a choice of lengths as well as diameters, these Premium Carbon Filters will fit into most grow room extraction systems.

Carbon Filter Size Short Filter Price Long Filter Price
4 inch (100mm) £44.95 (200mm) N/A
5 inch (125mm) £59.95 (200mm) N/A
6 inch (150mm) £84.95 (300mm) £119.95 (600mm)
8 inch (200mm) £93.95 (300mm) £138.95 (600mm)
10 inch (250mm) £154.95 (600mm) £199.95 (1000mm)
12 inch (315mm) £219.95 (600mm) £239.95 (1000mm)


Need to upgrade your Carbon Filter and extraction methods? Get the Vortex Premium Carbon Filter and see the difference it makes to your grow room.

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