Vortex Jubilee Worm Drive Clip

Vortex Jubilee Worm Clip


  • £1.20
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The Vortex Jubilee Clip is the best way to connect your ducting and extraction system safely and securely
  • Simple to use
  • Quick release clips
  • Don't wear over time

The Vortex Jubilee Clip is available in a multiple diameters to fit your grow room extraction system.

Jubilee Clip Size Price
4 inch (100mm) £1.20
5 inch (125mm) £1.40
6 inch (150mm) £1.80
8 inch (200mm) £2.05
10 inch (250mm) £2.30
12.5 inch (315mm) £2.40

Get the Vortex Jubilee Clip for tighter and more efficient grow room extraction setups

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