Vortex Combi Ducting

Vortex Combi Ducting


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Vortex Combi Ducting comprises of both an aluminium internal layer and a hard wearing PVC plastic outer casing making it completely lightproof and tear-resistant.
  • 4 layer multi-laminated construction
  • Black PVC outer
  • Lower noise levels

Vortex Combi Ducting comes in 2 lengths to suit your grow room setup and has a choice of diameters.

Combi Ducting Size 5m Ducting Price 10m Ducting Price
4 inch (100mm) £7.95 £14.95
5 inch (125mm) £10.95 £19.95
6 inch (150mm) £11.95 £22.95
8 inch (200mm) £14.95 £27.95
10 inch (250mm) £18.95 £34.95
12.5 inch (315mm) £24.95 £44.95
Get Vortex Combi Ducting to maxmise the efficiency and minimise the noise of your grow room extraction system.
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