Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chilli Seeds

Trinidad Scorpion (Moruga) Chilli Seeds - Extremely Hot Chilli - approx 20 seeds

South Devon Chilli Farm

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The Trinidad Scorpion or Moruga Chilli is a medium sized plant, reaching up to 70cm tall and prefers a large pot to reach full maturity. This chilli plant produces an abundance of crop, each chilli is about 4cm long and ripens from green to red.

These seeds are produced by the South Devon Chilli Farm.

Native Note: These chillies are extremely hot and we would always recommend using gloves when handling, harvesting or preparing.

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean

Heat: 1,000,000 - 1,400,000 Schoville Heat Units

Size: 4cm long

Approx 20 seeds per pack

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