Thai Hot Chilli Seeds

Thai Hot Chilli Seeds - Hot Chilli - approx 20 seeds

South Devon Chilli Farm

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The Thai Hot Chilli are small plants that reach approx 30cm and are popular for pots and windowsills. These chillies, originally from Thailand, are prolific fruiters and become covered in small chillies, about 2cm long. The Thai Hot Chilli appears on the plant green and ripen to red, which is usually when they are harvested.

These seeds are produced by the South Devon Chilli Farm

Origin: Thailand

Heat: 50,000 - 100,000 Schoville Heat Units

Size: 2cm long

Approx 20 Seeds per pack

Native Note: The Tepin Chilli has a reputation of being notoriously difficult to germinate but there are plenty of success stories online so we'd say it's definitely worth a go.

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