Root Nurse Square Black Fabric Plant Pots - Sizes 1L to 76L available

Root Nurse

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The Root Nurse Square Fabric Pots are a great eco friendly alternative to standard plastic pots.

  • Eco Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Bamboo holders in each corner
  • Size 1L to 76L available

These eco friendly fabric pots are made from recycled plastic bottles and are reusable and biodegradable. These square pots have bamboo holders on each corner to allow you to add extra strength and plant supports when needed without obstructing the root zone. 

Designed with healthy plants in mind these square fabric plant pots promote stronger and healthier root development and eliminates root circling in the pot. Their lightweight fabric material allows for superior drainage and aeration in your root zone meaning happier plants.

The Root Nurse Square Black Fabric Plant Pot is available in sizes 1 Litre up to 76L suiting almost all types and sizes of plant.

Square Pot Size Price
1 Litre £1.30
2 Litre £1.40
3 Litre £1.50
5 Litre £1.60
7.5 Litre £1.75
11 Litre £1.90
15 Litre £3.00
17.5 Litre £3.45
20 Litre £3.60
25 Litre £3.90
30 Litre £4.25
36 Litre £5.10
39 Litre £5.50
56 Litre £6.50
76 Litre £8.50

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