Root Nurse Black Fabric Pot

Root Nurse

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Root Nurse Black Fabric Pots are perfect for ensuring healthy root development and growth in your plants.
  • Biodegradable and Eco Friendly
  • Eliminates Root Circling
  • Healthy root growth

These Fabric Pots from Root Nurse are made from recycled plastic bottles and are re-usable and biodegradable making them a great eco friendly plant pot. The Black Fabric Pot material and design gives superior drainage and aeration whilst eliminating root circling and encouraging healthy and faster root growth.

Available in a range of sizes the Root Nurse Black Fabric Pot can fit any grow room.

Fabric Pot Size Price
1 Litre  £0.89
2 Litre £0.99
3.8 Litre £1.25
8 Litre £1.49
10 Litre £1.65
12 Litre £1.70
16 Litre £2.55
20 Litre £2.95
25 Litre £3.10
30 Litre £3.25
36 Litre £3.60
39 Litre £3.95
56 Litre £5.45
76 Litre £7.50
Get Root Nurse Black Fabric Pots today for a beneficial and eco friendly plant pot to fit into your grow room setup. 
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