Rambridge Blossom Blood 300g

Rambridge Blossom Blood - Soluble Flowering Booster - 300g


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Rambridge Blossom Blood is a soluble flowering booster that produces bigger and firmer buds.

  • Increased bud sites
  • Flowering booster
  • Concentrated soluble fertiliser

Rambridge Blossom Blood is a highly concentrated, soluble fertiliser which gives your flowering plants the boost they need to increase bud size and quality. This flowering booster will help your plants achieve full and heavy crops that have stable growth and development. Blossom Blood is not to be confused with plant food but is compatible with most quality nutrients.

To get a powerful, soluble flowering booster to improve your final crops, try Rambridge Blossom Blood.

Sizes Available: 300g

Growing Media: Soil, Coco, Hydroponics

Dilution Rate: Soil/Coco: Mix 1g for every 20 litres of water. Hydroponics: Mix 1g for every 10 litres of water

Feeding Schedule: Feed when flowers appear well established and then repeat once more after 2 weeks or next nutrient change.


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