Plagron Vita Race - Iron Rich Foliar Feed

Plagron Vita Race - Iron Rich Foliar Feed


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Plagron Vita Race is an iron rich additive that is delivered to plants as a foliar feed.

  • Rich in Iron
  • Boosts Chlorophyll production
  • Foliar Feed

Plagron Vita Race is a foliar feed that is high in iron, an essential nutrient that stimulates the production of chlorophyll in your plants. Chlorophyll is vital during the photosynthesis process and makes your plants green and healthy. Vita Race can also strengthen your plants, making them more tolerant to environmental stresses as well as pests and diseases. 

Plagron Vita Race is used as a foliar spray making it suitable for all growing substrates and plants. 

Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

Growing Media: Foliar Spray

Dilution Rate: Use a maximum of 5ml per Litre of water 

Feeding Schedule: Spray your plants weekly until dripping wet, up to and including the third week of flowering

NPK: 0 - 5 - 8 (Iron Fe 8%)


Use Plagron Vita Race on your plants to help strengthen and boost your plants with this foliar feed.

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