Plagron Light Mix Growing Substrate

Plagron Light Mix 50L - a perfect substrate for rapid root development


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Plagron Light Mix is an specially designed substrate that is perfect for quick root development and growth.

  • Lower EC value for fast rooting
  • Pre-fertilised for 1 week
  • Contains perlite

Light Mix from Plagron is a simple but effective soil mix substrate combining peat moss and perlite to create an ideal environment for roots. Light Mix is pre-fertilised for 1 week for instant food for your plants, you can resume your own feeding regime after the first week. The EC of this soil mix substrate is lower which again helps your plants during rooting and new root development.

Plagron All Mix comes in 50L Bags

Ingredients: PeatMoss, Perlite

pH (H2O): 6 - 7

EC (Electrical Conductivity): 0.7 - 1.1

NPK: 12-14-24

Get Plagron Light Mix for your plants today to help them develop and maintain strong roots.

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