Plagron Euro Pebbles Hydroponics Substrate

Plagron Europebbles Hydroponics Substrate - Clay Pebbles Media 45L bags


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Plagron Europebbles Substrate is a premium clay pebble medium perfect for use in a hydroponics system.

  • Superior drainage and aeration
  • Non fertilised
  • Suitable for all hydroponics systems

Europebbles are supplied in 45L bags, each containing high quality, clean and firm clay pebbles which provide superior drainage and aeration in the root zone in a soiless growing system. These clay pebbles are non fertilised for you to implement your own specific feeding schedule from day one with no substrate factors to contend with. 

Not only are Europebbles a high quality medium to grow in but they are reuseable after simply washing well after each grow. Europebbles can also be used to add drainage to the base of pot when growing in soil or coco mediums or mixed directly into the soil for extra soil aeration in larger pots.

Plagron Europebbles substrate comes in 45L Bags

Ingredients: Clay Pebbles

pH (H2O): 6.8 - 8.3

EC (Electrical Conductivity): 0.5 - 0.8

NPK Fertiliser: 12-14-24

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