Plagron Cocos A and B Base Nutrient

Plagron Cocos A and B - Coco Media 2 Part Base Nutrient


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Plagron Cocos A and B is a 2 part base nutrient feed specifically designed for use in a coco medium.

  • Growth and flowering phase
  • Balanced mix of nutrients
  • Easily absorbable nutrients

Plagron Cocos A and B base nutrient feed is a balanced mix of nutrients designed to feed your plants throughout the growing and flowering stages. Suitable for use in all coco based media, Cocos A and B, is a liquid plant feed that should be used together to encourage green, healthy and strong plants. Cocos A is rich in Calcium, a vital micronutrient needed for strong plants and healthy growth, while Cocos B contains Magnesium, essential for chlorophyll production for greener and bushier plants.

Plagron Cocos A and B is suitable for all watering systems and leaves no crystalisation build up your nutrient tank. 

Sizes Available: 1 Litre, 5 Litre

Growing Media: Coco Media

Dilution Rate: Use a maximum of 4ml per Litre of Cocos A and then use the same amount of Cocos B.

Feeding Schedule: Use with every watering throughout the growth and flowering stage.

NPK: Cocos A: 4 - 0 - 1 (Ca 4.5%), Cocos B: 1 - 4 - 2 (MgO 2%)

A Note From Native:

Remember to carefully read the mixing instructions when using a 2 part feed to ensure you add them in the correct order and amounts. If mixed incorrectly they can react with each other or bond to form unusable nutrients.

If you want to try a new and powerful base nutrient for your coco grown plants, try Plagron Cocos A and B. 

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