Omega T5 Propagation Light - Single Tube, 2 Tube and 4 Tube


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The Omega T5 Propagation Light is a leader in the industry when it comes to providing the best propagation grow lights for your cuttings and seedlings.
  • No ballast needed - plug directly into the mains
  • Low power consumption and cheaper to run than ordinary grow lights
  • Available in 3 sizes - single tube, 2 tube and 4 tube

The Omega T5 Propagation light is specially designed to provide vital light to bring on your seedlings and cuttings during the propagation stage. The T5 Propagation Light is easy to set up and install into your grow room as there is no ballast needed - simply plug it into the mains. These T5 grow lights use a low wattage (24W per tube) making them cheaper to run than standard HID lighting and they give off less heat, meaning you can sit it close to your propagating plants without worrrying about burning or heat stress.

The Omega T5 Propagation light is ideal for use with a propagator or in your current setup for seeds and cuttings to help maximise plant growth without causing stress to the young plants. The T5 propagation grow light gives off a blue light spectrum (6400K) making it ideal for propagation and vegging plants. All the Omega T5 tube lights are housed in a sturdy black metal case with a built in reflector to ensure even light distribution to your cuttings and is available in 3 sizes; Single Tube, 2 Tube and 4 Tube.

Try the Omega T5 Propagation light today to see how it can help your seedlings and cuttings get the best start in the growing cycle.

  T5 - Single Tube T5 - 2 Tube T5 - 4 Tube
Colour Temp (K) 6500K 6500K 6500K
Watts 1x 24W 2x 24W 4x 24W
Dimensions 57.5cm x 5cm x 4cm 62cm x 27.5cm x 10cm 62cm x 41cm x 10cm
Mains Cable 2m Cable 2m Cable 2m Cable

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