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The Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Room Bulb is great for your plants in the flower/fruit stage as it gives off a broad spectrum of both blue and red light.

  • Gives off blue and red light
  • 4 Wattages available (250W/400W/600W/1000W)
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee 

This Dual Spectrum HID Grow Bulb emits a mix of both blue and red spectrum light ensuring your plants get everything they need to grow strong and quickly and give overall higher yields. This dual spectrum grow lamp comes with a standard E40 fitting making it easy to fit with your existing grow room setup. 

The Omega Dual Spectrum Bulb is available in 4 different wattages - 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W - please ensure you have selected the correct watts before placing your order.

The Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Room Bulb comes with a standard 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee and is CE certified.

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 Dual Grow Light Specs  250W  400W  600W  1000W
 Lumens  32993  55831  92601  156886
 Lumen Efficiency (LM/W)  122.25  134.81  147.50  149.55
 Lifespan (hours)  240000  24000  24000  24000
 Product Contains  1x Bulb  1x Bulb  1x Bulb  1x Bulb


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