Omega 315W Grow Light Bulb - Spectrum CDM Grow Room Light Bulb


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The Omega 315W CDM Grow Light Bulb not only delivers a great spectrum of light to your plants but also saves on energy usage compared to standard HID lighting.

  • Higher PAR per watt 
  • Saves energy and lower temperatures
  • 12 Months Manufacturers Guarantee

CDM Grow Lights are becoming increasingly popular for indoor grow setups and the Omega 315W Grow Light Bulb is one of the best on the market. This is due to their ability to produce a higher PAR per watt output to standard HID lighting as well as running on a lower wattage. The lower watts not only mean that you can save on your running costs but also means your heat output is considerably reduced. This Omega 315W CDM Bulb is available in two colour temperatures; 3000K (red spectrum bulb) and 4000K (blue spectrum bulb) to suit your plants' needs during both the vegetative stage and the flowering stage.

The Omega CDM grow light bulb comes with a bayonnet fitting so please make sure your current system can accomodate this or simply buy one of our E40 socket converters to save having to change any existing fittings. Each Omega 315W CDM Grow Light Bulb comes with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee and is CE Certified.

 Specs  3000K  4000K
 Lumens  30087  31131
 Lumen Efficiency (LM/W)  97.49  100.55
 Lifespan (hours)  24000   24000
 Product Contains  1x Bulb  1x Bulb


Get the Omega 315W CDM Grow Light Bulb today and see your plants thrive under it's light.

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