MonsterBud Pro Grow Tent - top quality indoor grow tents


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MonsterBud Pro Grow Tents are top quality and offer a great solution for indoor growing and healthy plants.

  • Increased reflectivity with dimpled mylar sheeting
  • 600D x 600D thickness
  • Easy setup - no tools required

Monsterbud Pro Grow Tents are perfectly designed to give maximum light reflectition with their dimpled silver mylar sheeting and their D shaped zips mean minimum light leakage. 

The steel poles and corners are 16mm thick and on the larger sizes are 19mm thick for extra strength and support, with a weight capacity of 70kg, this should be plenty for your grow room equipment. 

Setting up a MonsterBud Pro Grow Tent is very quick and easy as each one comes with simple assembly instructions and there is no tools required.

The MonsterBud Pro Grow Tent comes in a range of 6 tent sizes to fit any grow room space;

100cm x 100cm x 200cm

120cm x 120cm x 200cm

150cm x 150cm x 200xm

240cm x 120cm x 200cm

240cm x 240cm x 200cm

300cm x 300cm x 200cm


If you are looking for a new grow tent the Monster Buds Pro Tent is a great choice to help create the best environment for your growing plants.

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