Jiffy Coco Coir Plugs

Jiffy 7-C 30mm Coco Coir Plug - Cuttings and Seedlings Growing Media


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Jiffy 7-C Coco Coir Plugs are the best way to give your cuttings and seedlings the best possible start in life.
  • Contains nutrient 
  • Organic propagation media
  • Buy in 10's or boxes

Jiffy Coco Coir Plugs are made from coco coir a natural and organic waste product left over from the coconut industry. Coco Coir Plugs make a fantastic rooting medium that encourage fast and strong root development and growth. The Jiffy Coco Coir Plugs are easy and simple to use with minimal mess; simply dip the plugs into water until they are wet through then squeeze the excess moisture out and they are ready to use.

Available to buy in packs of 10 or boxes of 1000 try the Jiffy 7-C Coco Coir Plugs today to kick start your cuttings and seedlings.

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