Jalapeno Chilli Seeds - Medium Heat Chilli - approx 20 seeds

South Devon Chilli Farm

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The Jalapeno Chilli is arguably the most well known and widely used chilli in the world and is a fun and easy plant to grow. The plants are tall at 3 - 4ft with strong, woody stems but will require some support as they start to fruit. These plants produce roughly 20 - 30 chillies each (although sometimes more depending on individual plants, environment and care), each chilli is 6 to 8cm long and is harvested green, with a thick wall and shiny skin.

These chilli seeds are produced by the South Devon Chilli Plant.

Chilli Origin: Mexico

Heat: 6000 - 8000 Schoville Heat Units

Size: 6 - 8cm long

Approx 20 Seeds per pack

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