Hydroponics System Airstones - Ball Shaped, Ceramic Flat and Cokecan Airstones

Native Hydroponics

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Our range of Airstones available are high quality and essential for increased aeration in your watering system.

  • 3 Designs to choose from
  • More oxygen to your root system
  • Simple and Easy way to aerate your watering system

Airstones play an important part of any hydroponics system to aerate your water and deliver more oxygen to your root zone. Whether you are a beginner or hydroponics expert, an increased amount of oxygen in the root zone will always benefit your plants and overall health and yield.

Our airstones come in 3 shapes; ball airstone (50mm), coke can airstone (70L) and the ceramic flat airstone - this one comes in a choice of 3 sizes (4in, 6in and 8in). 

Get more aeration in your watering system and see the results with healthier and stronger roots by adding in an airstone.

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