Hailea HX-2000 Water Pump

Hailea HX-2000 Water Pump


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The Hailea HX2000 Water Pump is a multi function immersible pump, suitable for hydroponics, ponds, tanks and general use, and can work in low water.

  • Oxygen mixing unit
  • Built in flow regulator
  • 650 litres per hour

The Hailea HX-2000 Water Pump versatile little pumps have fully adjustable low rate regulators and comes with a built in oxygen mixing unit to allow large quantities of oxygen to be mixed with the water while the pump is in use. The Hailea HX-2000 Pump comes with an ABS case and stainless steel shaft and can be used to pump both fresh and salt water and is excellent for using to pump nutrients round a hydroponics system. It comes with plastic suction cups and is designed to be held securely in place with continuous use. 

Improve your water and irrigation system and get the Hailea HX-2000 Water Pump today.

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