Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon helps improve the uptake of nutrients and transport through the plant.
  • Increases chlorophyll production
  • Add extra potassium
  • Suitable for all growing substrates

Growth Technology Liquid Silicon is a highly beneficial liquid nutrient for plants that helps strengthen cell walls and in turn increases your plants resistance to attacks from fungi and mites. Liquid Silicon helps plants to uptake available CO2 and provides extra potassium essential for enhanced flowering and bud production. 

Liquid Silicon is an essential nutrient that is found in virtually all natural soil but until now, not in hydroponics systems. The Liquid Silicon solution is designed to increase chlorophyll production leading to darker leaves and better use of the light available to your plants.

Give your plants a boost and more resistance with Growth Technology Liquid Silicon.

Directions for Use: Use 1ml Liquid Silicon per 1 litre of water with every tank change for hydroponics. Use 1ml Liquid Silicon per 1 litre of water and use once a week with other growing media. 

NPK: 0 - 0 - 5

Ingredients: Potassium Silicate

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