Growth Technology Clonex

Growth Technology Clonex

Growth Technology

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Growth Technology Clonex is an easy to use rooting hormone gel that is one of the leading on the market.
  • Doesn't wash off during watering
  • Seals cut tissue
  • Gel rather than Liquid

Clonex from Growth Technology is the ultimate rooting gel, rather than lqiuids which can splash and spill  or powders that can blow around. This strong rooting gel helps to seal the cut tissue and stays in contact with the stem throughout the rooting period. Growth Technology Clonex will not even wash off when watered making it a favourite amoung expert and hobby gardeners across the world.

Clonex rooting hormone gel is easy to use and high in strength, 3000ppm rooting hormone, which means it goes a long way. Growth Technology Clonex is available in 2 sizes.

Sizes Available: 50ml or 100ml
Need the ultimate rooting gel to kick start your cuttings and rooting cycle, try Growth Technology Clonex.
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