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Growth Technology Formulex is a universal nutrient designed for early growth in a range of plants.
  • Concentrated solution
  • Buffered pH
  • Suitable for most plants

Formulex is a highly concentrated nutrients that contains all the nutrients needed for early growth in a range of plants with its universal profile. The complete and balanced solution, Growth Technology Formulex contains macro and micro nutrients that are present and will remain available to the plants for optimum plant growth. 

Growth Technology Formulex is for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones with easy  dosing and a buffered pH, requiring no adjustment. This versatile growth stage nutrient can be used in any growing medium and Formulex can also be used as a foliar spray. Growth Technology Formulex is available in 2 sizes - 1 Litre and 5 Litre - it will make up to 100x it's volume.

Directions of Use: Mix between 5 - 10ml of Growth Technology Formulex per litre of water for cuttings, seedlings and soaking rockwool cubes.
NPK: 2.4 – 0.9 – 3.4
Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum
Note: Do not use Formulex on plants that are being fed a grow nutrient or feed to plants in flower
Give your seedlings and cutings a boost at the start with Growth Technology Formulex
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