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Fox Farm Open Sesame is an early flowering booster that is high in phosphorus to boost your plants and flowers.

  • High in phosphorus
  • Larger and denser buds
  • Early flowering booster

Open Sesame is a soluble fertiliser that is suitable for all methods of growing from hydroponics systems through to soil growing mediums. Open Sesame provides your plants with the optimum level of nutrients needed during the early flowering stage with minimal salt and residue build up. 

Designed to give your plants a boost to help maximise bud and flowering sites and works directly in the root zone to deliver targeted nutrients during the early flowering stage.

How to use Fox Farm Open Sesame:

Fox Farm recommends using 1/4 teaspoon of Open Sesame per gallon of water from weeks 4 to 6 and to use up to twice per week.

Fox Farm Open Sesame more information:

Sizes available: 6oz, 1lb, 2lb

NPK: 5 - 45 - 19

Ingredients: Ammonium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, kelp, iron, zinc, manganese, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA).

Fox Farm Open Sesame feeding schedule:

Fox Farm Open Sesame Feeding Schedule

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