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Fox Farm Cha Ching powdered plant nutrient is a flowering booster designed to finish off the flowering phase.

  • Late flowering phase booster
  • Increases essential oils and resins
  • High in Phosphorus

Cha Ching is high in phosphorus and packed with micronutrients to help support flower growth as well as increase the production of essential oils and resin, ensuring a strong and sweet tasting crop.

Fox Farm Cha-Ching is a pH balanced powdered nutrient, formulated for use in the late flowering period to encourage swelling and density before you harvest.

Sizes Available: 6oz, 1lb, 2lb

Directions of Use: Use 1/2ml Cha Ching per litre of water during the final weeks of flowering through to harvest - applying weekly.

NPK: 9 - 50 - 10

Ingredients: Ammonium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA), sodium borate, sodium molybdate and kelp.

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