Omega Enclosed Spectrum Reflector 315W

Omega Enclosed Spectrum Reflector 315W


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The Omega Enclosed Spectrum Light Reflector is a CDM 315W reflector which fits easily into your existing CDM lighting system.
  • Designed for maximum reflection
  • Fits with CDM lighting systems
  • 3m IEC cable

This CDM Spectrum Grow Light Reflector from Omega utilises a Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide Bulb to produce a light spectrum that's much broader than other forms of HID lighting. 

Designed for use with 315W CDM grow light bulbs this high quality spectrum grow light reflector is designed to give maximum reflection without the loss of light. Manufactured in Germany these grow light reflectors are white powder coated on the outside for reflection and light output. 

Looking for a new CDM spectrum reflector? Try the Omega Enclosed Spectrum Reflector to maximise your plants today.

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