Eden Essentials Perlite 100 Litre

Eden Essentials Perlite - Creates additonal air in soil

Eden Horticulture

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Eden Essentials Perlite are a highly absorbant growing medium, providing a great addition to your existing growing media for your plants.

  • Superior soil aeration
  • Perfect drainage in hydroponics
  • Strengthens root growth

Eden Essentials Perlite help your plants get more air and drainage in your growing media which stimulates strong and fast root growth and perlite is also suitable for hydroponic systems.

Eden Essential Perlite is approximately 2-4mm each and come in a choice of sizes and amounts

10 Litre Bag - £9.95 per bag

100 Litre Bag - £27.95 per bag

Half Pallet (x15 bags) - just £18.33 per 100L bag 

Full Pallet (x30 bags) - just £17.50 per 100L bag

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