Dry Pots and Dry Bags - Grow Room Portable Disposable Dehumidifier

Native Hydroponics

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The dry pots and dry bags are the perfect way to remove excess moisture from the air in your grow room.

  • Helps combat mould
  • Eaisily moved around your grow space
  • Choose between a dry pot and a dry bag

The dry pots are a solid, self standing dispoable dehumidifier that is a simple way dehumidify your grow room. Dry pot recommends using 1 Dry Pot per 1.2m2 grow room space and each one holds up to 800ml.

The dry bags work in exactly the same way as the pots except these dehumidifier bags are hung instead of being self standing. They are easily placed around your grow space to combat excess grow room humidity and humidity related problems. Dry Bag recommend using 1 dry bag per 1m2 grow room space and each one holds up to 500ml.

Easily sort out your grow room excess moisture issues simply and effectively with dry bags and dry pots today.

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