Carbon Garden Carbon Filter - Grow Room Carbon Filter

Carbon Garden Carbon Filter - Grow Room Carbon Filter

Carbon Garden

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Carbon Garden are one of the leading manufacturers of grow room carbon filters in the industry and are made from premium materials.

  • Eliminates grow room odours on contact
  • 40mm activated carbon bed
  • Includes pre filter

Carbon Garden Filters are build to a high quality and are ideal for removing unwanted odours from your grow room. The carbon pellets are made from coconut husks and it contains CGV-4 activated virgin carbon. This carbon filter also features a 40mm activated carbon bed as well as a pre-filter for instant grow room odour removal.

This grow room carbon filter comes in different input/output widths to fit your existing extraction system and in two lengths - short and long for each size - please see below for the detailed information for each.

 Ducting Size Length Air Filtered (m3/h)
4 inch (100mm) Short (250mm) 163m3/h
4 inch (100mm) Long (400mm) 280m3/h
5 inch (125mm) Short (200mm) 160m3/h
5 inch (125mm) Long (400mm) 300m3/h
6 inch (150mm) Short (500mm) 480m3/h
6 inch (150mm) Long (800mm) 760m3/h
8 inch (200mm) Short (500mm) 750m3/h
8 inch (200mm) Long (800mm) 1030m3/h
10 inch (250mm) Short (750mm) 1200m3/h
10 inch (250mm) Long (1000mm) 1450m3/h
12.5 inch (315mm) Short (750mm) 1300m3/h
12.5 inch (315mm) Long (1000mm) 1800m3/h

Please choose the selected size and length of your Carbon Garden Carbon Filter before purchasing to suit your room.

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