Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix

Canna Terra Professional Plus Potting Soil - the ultimate indoor soil mix


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Canna Terra Professional Plus is one of the purest possible soil mixes for your plants.

  • More air and moisture pockets
  • Contains peat and bark
  • pH adjusted

Terra Professional Plus potting soil is a premium soil mix containing a unique mix of airy peat moss and several types of tree bark to provide beneficial air and moisture pockets in the medium. This airy soil mix was specifically designed for the indoor grower, but of course, can also produce amazing results when used outdoors. Canna Terra Professional Plus helps keep your roots and plants healthy with it's chelates and trace elements for added protection and is pH adjusted to provide your plants with the best possible start. Terra Professional Plus contains mineral-elements to feed your plants from day 1, you can implement your regular feeding schedule from day 1 but remember to take into account the available elements in the medium.

Canna Terra Professional Plus is available in 50L Bags or Pallets of 65x 50L Bags

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