Canna Cannazym

Canna Cannazym - Enzyme Based Vitamin Feed - 250ml, 1L & 5L


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Canna Cannazym is an enzyme based fertiliser which helps break down old roots and organic matter.

  • Breaks down old roots
  • Cleaner root zone
  • Contains beneficial vitamins

Cannazym is packed full of beneficial vitamins and enzymes which work together to create and maintain a healthier and cleaner root zone. Cannazym is a natural product and the enzymes break down old roots and dead organic matter, creating space for new roots. A cleaner root zone allows for quicker and more efficient nutrient uptake and the broken down organic matter releases previously locked out nutrients back into the soil and makes them available to your plants. All these factors ultimately result in a healthier plant that is maximising the food available to it and grow faster and stronger.

To improve your root zone health with a high quality enzyme based fertiliser get Cannazym from Canna.

Sizes Available: 250ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

Growing Media: Soil, Coco, Hydroponics

Dilution Rate: Mix 1.5ml per 1 litre of water

Feeding Schedule: Feed your plants with PK 13/14 in week 5 of flowering

NPK: 0 - 13 - 14

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