Buddy Blood Sachet 50g

Buddy Blood 50g Sachet - PK Booster for the flowering stage

Buddy Blood

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Buddy Blood Sachets are a powerful PK Booster that is designed to promote early flowering.

  • Very concentrated
  • Increase flowering sites
  • Easy to mix and use

Buddy Blood comes in a 50g sachet which will make 100 Litres of solution desgined to promote early flowering as well as increase the amount of flowers and therefore overall yield. Buddy Blood is designed to stimulate the formation of a range of organic compounds such as natural sugars and nucleic acids.

Buddy Blood is an extremely powerful PK Booster which is highly soluble and very simple to use - you simply mix Buddy Blood with water and feed to your plants via the roots during the early stages of flowering.

Want to get maximum yields from your plants? Give Buddy Blood Sachets a go to boost your flowering plants.

Sizes Available: 50g Sachet

Directions of Use: Mix a 50g Buddy Blood Sachet with 100 Litres of water, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved and apply directly to the roots within the first 2 weeks of flowering.

NPK: 0-39-25


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