BioBizz Leaf Coat 500ml

BioBizz Leafcoat 500ml - Organic Plant Protection Foliar Spray

Bio Bizz

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BioBizz Leafcoat is a ready to use organic plant protection foliar spray which strengthens and protects your plants again unwanted pests and fungi.

  • Made from Natural Latex
  • Ready to use
  • Fights pests, fungi and heat stress

BioBizz Leafcoat is made from natural latex derived from beeswax which, when sprayed directly onto your plants' leaves and flowers, forms a thin protective layer. This layer helps protect your plant against unwanted insects and leaf fungi as well as heat stress and humidity. Once applied Leafcoat will leave a protective elastic layer on your plants for up to 2 weeks before it is degraded naturally by sunlight or grow lights.

BioBizz Leafcoat is ready to use and there is no need to mix it with water or any other carrier liquids. Simply spray straight from the bottle directly on to the plants leaves and flowers and repear this about 2 times a week. Leafcoat is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides but it also doesn't get absorbed by your plant meaning it will not affect the taste of your harvest.

Sizes Available: 500ml

Directions for use: Spray BioBizz Leafcoat directly onto the leaves and flowers twice a week until the last 2 weeks of flowering.

Ingredients: Latex derived from Beeswax

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