BioBizz Coco Mix 50L

BioBizz Coco Mix 50L - Organic Coco Coir Growing Substrate

Bio Bizz

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BioBizz Coco Mix is an amazing organic coco coir growing substrate that helps your plants reach their full growing potential.

  • 100% Organic Coco Coir substrate 
  • More oxygen available to your plants
  • Reduces fungus problems
BioBizz Coco Mix is made from recycled waste materials left over from the coconut industry and is a great growing media as it is airy giving your root zone plenty of oxygen. The light texture of Coco Mix stops water retention which in turn stops many fungus problems in the root zone and has a low pH of around 5 or 6.
Compatible with all types of nutrients BioBizz Coco Mix makes a great growing media for your plants and is easy to maintain and feed.

Whether this coco substrate is already a firm favourite or you want to try a new growing media, try BioBizz Coco Mix for yourself to see how it can benefit both your plants and your overall yield.

BioBizz Coco Mix is available in 50L bags or Full Pallets (65x 50L bags) please note each bag of BioBizz Coco Mix weighs 10kg and should be handled with care. We apply a surcharge of £25 delivery for any orders over 30kg which includes pallets.

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