BioBizz Bio Grow - Organic Growth Phase Base Nutrient

Bio Bizz

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BioBizz Bio Grow is an organic growth phase base nutrient designed to boost your plants through the growing stage of their lifecycle.

  • 100% Organic Base Nutrient

  • Activates beneficial bacteria in the soil
  • High in Nitrogen and Potassium 

Bio Grow is a 100% organic plant fertiliser derived from Sugar Beet extract that helps activiate the beneficial bacteria in your soil and increasing growth during the vegetative phase for bigger and bushier plants.

BioBizz Bio Grow liquid nutrient contains over 70 trace elements including; amino acids, natural sugars, humic acids, kelp and vitamins helping to give you healthy, bushy and greener plants which in turn should give you a higher yield when harvesting. Although most suited to growing in a soil media Bio Grow can be used in any substrate or growing method including coco and hydroponics.

Try BioBizz Bio Grow today and see a your plant get stronger and healthier new growth.

Sizes Available: 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

Directions of Use: 1-4ml per litre with every watering throughout the entire growth phase

NPK: 8-2-6


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