Atami Bloombastic - Liquid Flower Booster


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Atami Bloombastic is one of the best all round flowering boosters available in the hydroponics nutrient market.
  • Stimulates ripening and essential oil production
  • Suitable for all growing medias
  • Combats environmental stresses

Atami Bloombastic not only boosts your flowering plant but also helps keep it healthy and combat intense environmental stresses. Bloombastic contains extra phosphorus and potassium which stimulates flowering, ripening and essential oil production which in turn increases yield, smell and flavour.

Bloombastic contains biological minerals, stimulants and metabolic enhancers which increases the sugar content in your crop and therefore the weight and smell. The unique mix of components in Atami Bloombastic liquid nutrients helps to make plants stronger and less sensitive to environmental stress such as intense heat, dry air, pests and diseases.

Want to boost your plants during their flowering phase? Give Bloombastic a try and see the difference in your crop harvest.

Sizes Available: 100ml, 250ml, 325ml, 1250ml, 5 Litre

Direction for use: 0.5ml - 1ml per litre for the last 4 weeks of flowering through to the flush

NPK: 0-14-15

Ingredients: Potassium Phosphate,Potassium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Iron EDTA, Phosphorus Pent oxide and Clay mineral.

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