Aptus Plant Care Regulator

Aptus Plant Care Regulator - Silicic Acid


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Aptus Plant Care Regulator is a silicic acid solution, the absorbable form of silicon available to plants.

  • Strengthens plant cell walls
  • Increased resistance 
  • Decreased internodal stretch

Aptus Regulator is an all round booster for plants in the form of silicic acid. Silicon is needed by plants to help strengthen plant cell walls, meaning noticably thicken and stronger stems and branches. Aptus Regulator is also a great way to strengthen plants against environmental stresses as well as pests and diseases by providing an overall boost to your plant's immune system. Silicon is also known to boost chlorophyll production and reduce transpiration (the loss of moisture through the leaves. 

Aptus Plant Care Regulator is a silicic acid based all round booster that is useful to your plants in so many ways and is highly concentrated meaning a little goes a long way. Available in 5 bottle sizes to suit all garden sizes and budgets.

Sizes Available: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

Growing Media: Soil, Coco, Hydroponics, Aeroponics

Dilution Rate: Use 0.15ml per 1 Litre of water

Feeding Schedule: Use as needed or with every watering throughout both the growth phase and the flowering phase

To give your plants an all round boost to help strengthen plants and resistance, try Aptus Plant Care Regulator. 

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