Aptus Plant Care Nutri Spray

Aptus Plant Care Nutri Spray - Foliar Spray Fertiliser


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Aptus Nutri Spray is a foliar feed that leaves a thin layer of microelements on the leaf to help feed your plant.

  • Quickly absorbed fertiliser
  • Balance of microelements 
  • Fully biodegradable layer

Aptus Plant Care Nutri Spray is designed to be used either as general plant nutrition or as a deficiency corrector. The special, balanced mix of microelement in Nutri Spray, including zinc, sulphur and manganese, are delivered as a foliar spray and the film created naturally biodegrades within 10 - 15 days, leaving no residue or build up. 

For a fast acting way of delivering nutrients straight to your plant, try Aptus Plant Care Nutri Spray. 

Sizes Available: 50ml, 150ml

Growing Media: Foliar Spray

Dilution Rate: Mix 2ml per 1 litre of water

Feeding Schedule: For general plant nutrition spray on your plants during weeks 1, 3 and 5 of flowering. 

Ingredients: Organic Surfactant, Horse Chestnut Extract, Microelements

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