Alaska Fish Fertiliser 4 Litre

Alaska Fish Fertiliser - Organic Fish Emulsion All Purpose Fertiliser - 4 Litre


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Alaska Fish Fertiliser is an organic all purpose fertiliser made from seagoing fish emulsion.

  • Breaks down slowly
  • Organic OMRI Certified
  • Concentrated fertiliser

Alaska Fish Fertiliser is a powerful, highly concentrated plant fertiliser made from seagoing fish emulsion that perfect for all purpose plant nutrition. This fish fertiliser is OMRI certified, meaning it can be used in organic gardening and the rich organic matter helps feed the microorganisms in the soil. Alaska Fish Fertiliser breaks down over time, feeding your plants and microorganisms over a longer period. The concentrated formula will not burn plants, flowers or fruits and will greatly improve both the overall vigour and health of your plants. This fish based fertiliser has a low odour making it perfect for indoor plants but is also highly recommended for outdoor use as well.

Give your plants an all round fertiliser made from fish emulsion with Alaska Fish Fertiliser.

Sizes Available: 4 Litre

Growing Media: Soil

Dilution Rate: Mix 1-4 tbsp per 1 gallon of water

Feeding Schedule: Feed once every 3 weeks throughout the growing cycle

NPK: 5 - 1 - 1

Ingredients: Seagoing Fish Emulsion

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