Advanced Nutrients Bloom - Flowering Phase Base Nutrient

Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients Bloom is part of their 3 part base nutrient feeds and is available individually here should you need to replace just one bottle. 
  • pH Perfect Formula
  • More buds and bigger yields
  • Great value for money

Bloom is just one part of Advanced Nutrients 3 part feed so we would always recommend using them together, but as we all know we use nutrients at different rates so this could be used as a replacement. 

Bloom contains the perfect balance of nutrients needed by your plants during the flowering stage and is created with Advanced Nutrient's pH perfect formula so you don't need to mess around with pH meters. Bloom's mix of nutrients are designed to create a healthy nutrient structure, vital metabolism and productivity in your flowering plants.

Need to top up on Advanced Nutrients Bloom? Get it today and see the results of denser and bigger flowers and higher yields.

Directions for use: Mix 4ml per Litre during weeks 1 to 6 of your flowering phase

NPK: 1-3-4

Ingredients: Monopotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate

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