Advanced Nutrients 3 Part Nutrient Feed - Grow, Micro, Bloom

Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients 3 Part Feed - Grow, Bloom, Micro - offers you a perfect solution to your plants base nutrient and micronutrient needs. 
  • Contains pH Perfect Formula
  • 3 Part Feed - Set of 3 - Grow, Micro, Bloom
  • Suitable for all growing substrates

This 3 Part Nutrient feed from Advanced Nutrients is suitable for any grower and contains the right balance of both macro and micro nutrients at each stage to give you faster growth and bigger yields. Advanced Nutrients have specially developed a pH perfect formula which means no more messing around with pH meters when feeding your plants as these nutrients will adjust your waters pH for you and keep it there throughout both the grow and bloom phase.

This set comes in 3 separate 1 Litre nutrient bottles all clearly marked and each with it's own feeding instructions to make things clear and boost your plants' chance of producing strong roots and higher yields. Each of the 3 nutrients are specially designed to be easy for your plants to uptake and use effectively.

If you have only run out of one of these nutrients and do not need the set of 3 we also offer each one - Grow, Micro, Bloom - separately.

Sizes Available: 1 Litre

Directions for use: 1lt typically makes 250 litres of nutrient solution but please read each bottle for specific instructions and feeding schedule before use 

NPK: Grow (1-1-6) Micro (4-0-0) Bloom (1-3-4)


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