White Habanero Chilli Seeds

White Habanero Chilli Seeds - Very Hot Chilli - approx 20 seeds

South Devon Chilli Farm

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The White Habanero Chilli is a smaller variety of chilli plant, reaching only about 40cm tall but is a particularly bushy plant. These attractive White Habaneros have the same distinctive habanero shape but are slightly smaller at around 2cm long and ripen from green to creamy yellow/white.

These seeds are produced by the South Devon Chilli Farm.

Native Note: These creamy white chillies are a beautiful and unusual plant to grow that will certainly catch the eye with their unusual pale habanero chillies.

Origin: Peru

Heat: 200,000 to 250,000 Scoville Heat Units

Size: 2cm long

Approx 20 seeds per pack

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