5 Must Have Grow Room Accessories for under £10.00

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Don't you hate it when you can't find a simple and useful thing in your grow room just when you need it most?

Here at Native we think that grow room accessories are extremely underrated and should be just as important as the big things like lights and fans. 

If you suddenly have a heavy crop and a drooping top which needs support and don't have support ties it is not only frustrating but can also affect your crop if it isn't dealt with asap. Having the right grow room accessories on hand makes things so much easier.

Right... without anymore waffling from us here is the count down of our top 5 grow room accessories every grower should have for under £10:

5. Grow Tools 4ft Bamboo Canes - Pack of 20 - £8.95

Ideal For: Plant support throughout the growing and flowering stage depending on plants. Particularly used for tomatoes, beans, peas, chillies and any other taller plant.

Grow Tools Bamboo Canes 4ft

4. Grow Tools 4 Socket Extension Lead - £6.95

Ideal for: Grow room lighting; propagation lights, ballasts and reflectors as well as other plug in grow room equipment such as fans and heaters.

3. Grow Tools Measuring Syringe - 10ml, 20ml, 50ml and 100ml - from £0.95

Ideal for: Measuring out nutrients and other liquids when precision is needed to maintain the optimum health of your plants. 

2. Grow Tools Gardeners Surgical Scalpels - Pack of 10 - £9.95

Ideal For: Taking cuttings to ensure a clean area for new root development as well as any other precision cutting or trimming needed on your plants.

Grow Tools Gardeners Surgical Scalpels

1. Grow Tools Trellis Netting - Standard or XL Size - from £5.95

Ideal For: Strong and reliable, horizontal plant support throughout the growing stage and another layer can be added as the plants grow and develop through the flowering stage.

All these amazing accessories for under £10 that can really save the day when you need them. Click the individual pictures to go to the product or visit our full collection of accessories available - order your grow room accessories today and make sure you have everything on hand when you need it

And remember if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.











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